Ferrari 246 GT Dino AMR di Roberto Quaranta

Roberto Quaranta sta apportando gli ultimi ritocchi all\’interno della Ferrari 246 GT Dino di X-AMR. Potete seguire tutti i lavori fatti fino a questo momento cliccando su questo link del forum Duegi:
Le ultime fasi saranno invece documentate sul blog, soprattutto per ragioni di praticità (le foto si caricano automaticamente).
Ecco l\’abitacolo quasi terminato e alcuni dettagli dei paraurti, con i gommini di protezione:

15 pensieri riguardo “Ferrari 246 GT Dino AMR di Roberto Quaranta

  1. A noble effort this project is as I see it, some over sized details are inevitable…but as I look at the history of this some have been corrected.These projects always make me pause and think…\”why not start from scratch\”.

    "Mi piace"

  2. Well, if the overall aspect of the model is correct, why start from scratch?And moreover in the case of the Dino which is really difficult to model.

    "Mi piace"

  3. Well, I honestly don't see the point in starting from scratch, all the more I did want an AMR model as I'm an AMR collector. I wanted the model to retain its AMR-ish appeal, that's why I choose such a kit.

    "Mi piace"

  4. L'esecuzione degli interni è quanto di meglio si possa fare, veramente belli.Ora guardo se il traduttore mi aiuta a capire quello che avete scritto

    "Mi piace"

  5. OK..perhaps this is getting lost in the translation. The over-sized parts I saw were from the forum link showing some earlier work…the shifter, door handles, etc appeared to be a bit over sized to me. NOW…they look much better.Start from scratch? Only a thought I have when thinking about the amount of work that is being accomplished…did not want to sound literal about it.F. Suber seems to get beat up pretty bad these days…what is the opinion of J. Brauer? [who builds entirely from scratch].

    "Mi piace"

  6. Usually Jacques Brauer takes an AMR, remakes it in resin and then opens it.I would not define this to build entirely from scratch.As far as i know Stephen Barnett has built some models from scratch, but not many.

    "Mi piace"

  7. That is news [to me];) I was not aware that Barnett has done \”full scratch\”, most of what I have seen is based on kits. Do you know an example of one of his full scratch models?

    "Mi piace"

  8. as far as I know he should have made some prewar cars. Anyway none of this \”superbuilders\” usually starts from scratch, even because it's a completely different kind of work.

    "Mi piace"


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